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Core technology of Hongshun construction Hongshun construction professional undertake all kinds of new chimney, brick chimney, chimney anti-corrosion, chimney sliding film, chimney reconstruction, chimney inner wall anti-corrosion, chimney desulfurization anti-corrosion and other projects, has many years of successful experience Details
12 unique features The film thickness is 2 mm, the tensile force can reach 2292n / 50mm, which is 2.8 times of the standard 800N / 50mm, which is the outstanding elastic material in the industry Learn more
Service first, lifetime warranty We are committed to develop and produce more energy-saving, pro environment products, reduce or even eliminate environmental pollution. The special products have passed the GB 18582-2008 "limit of harmful substances" and B / t1721 Learn more

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Hongshun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional high-altitude operation enterprise approved by the state. It has undertaken (domestic and foreign) chimney construction, chimney anti-corrosion, brick chimney construction, chimney reconstruction, chimney maintenance, chimney desulfurization and anti-corrosion, chimney removal and heightening, chimney sliding film and other high-altitude work projects. It has the construction characteristics of "no scaffolding, no need to stop production".
The company has a registered capital of 100 million yuan, 918 regular employees, more than 600 skilled labor personnel and 56 technical and economic personnel. Among them, there are 18 with senior titles, 45 with intermediate titles, 13 with national first-class construction engineers, 45 with second-class construction engineers, 15 with national first-class qualification, 78 with second-class qualification, and projects with third-class qualification

The company has been in line with "safety first, quality first, all kinds of projects, tracking service, pay attention to reputation, ensure safety, regular return visit" service tenet

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Safety precautions, quality requirements and safety technical requirements of Liaoning chimney anti-corrosion construction
In Liaoning Province, cross operation is sometimes unavoidable, but mutual cooperation and reasonable coordination should be achieved to ensure safety; if there is any impact on safety, cross operation should be stopped immediately.
What is the seriousness of chimney anticorrosion in Liaoning Province
Before anticorrosion of chimneys in Liaoning Province, it is necessary to make clear the existing damage status and practical bearing capacity of chimneys, and comprehensively evaluate the safety, reliability and durability of chimneys.
Demolition of 60 meter brick chimney in Liaoning Province
According to the design of anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion brick, the anti-corrosion temperature of the inner wall of the chimney is higher than that of the anti-corrosion brick of the inner wall of the chimney, which is designed according to the anti-corrosion effect of the anti-corrosion brick of the inner wall of the chimney, which is designed according to the anti-corrosion effect of the anti-corrosion brick of the inner wall of the chimney, which is designed according to the anti-corrosion effect of the anti-corrosion brick, which is designed according to the anti-corrosion effect of the inner wall of the chimney, which is designed. 25. When the lower part of chimney is 18m away from the holiday on October 1, the acid resistant cement on the inner wall will be carried out again to synchronize with the upper part to achieve the anti-corrosion effect.
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Construction of cement chimney and cooling tower in Liaoning should be far away from residential areas
The construction of new cement chimney and cooling tower in Liaoning should be far away from residential areas or high-grade residential areas. The construction of cement chimney and cooling tower in the picture is very close to this community, which will greatly affect the living environment of residents in this community. The thick smoke comes out from the top of the chimney, even after a series of treatment, it will be mixed with some peculiar smell and float to the sky Empty, floating to
Site civilized construction standard of Liaoning chimney new construction project
The enclosure wall of Liaoning chimney new construction project must be designed by the technical director of the project. The detailed construction and design description must be reviewed by the project manager and approved by Gongren. The enclosure can not only meet the requirements of various enterprises, but also meet the requirements of local governments. The enclosure should be "solid, stable, clean, beautiful, generous and economical";
Attention should be paid to the construction of built-in operation platform for brick chimney in Liaoning Province
Newly built inserting rod of brick chimney in Liaoning Province: eight steel pipes of φ 73 and φ 60 are selected, and the length is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the cylinder body. The small steel pipe is sheathed in the large steel pipe to form four groups of expandable inserting rods. The inserting rods must have positioning screws which can limit the expansion.
What are the technical disclosure contents of reinforcement engineering in Liaoning chimney construction?
Liaoning steel bar spacing should meet the design requirements. If the steel bar in the slab or beam is installed with concealed pipe and displacement, it can only move to one side, and the reinforcement shall not be bent locally. If the spacing is too large, the steel bar of the same type and specification shall be used to fill the vacancy.
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